James Kar: New DOP Showreel 2020

New year, new decade. What better way to start off the new year than by introducing James Kar’s new 2020 DOP showreel. Here’s to 2020! 🎬🎥

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We are really pleased to be able to share this artistic performance piece filmed last year with Director James Cannon, featuring contemporary ballet dancer Eloise Hymas.
Filmed on location at the Jubilee Pool in Penzance, Cornwall we had the challenge of working against the natural elements of the weather in this beautiful outdoor location right next to the sea.
Director James Cannon did an incredible job of bringing his vision for this artistic piece alive and it was an absolute pleasure to work on this project.

Director – James Cannon
DOP – James Kar
AC – John Gogarty
Production Assistant – Sam Reeves
Colour – Samantha Day at Studio Private
Score – James LeRouge & Rob Taliesin Owen

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TRAILER: The Legend of Bob Leonard

When a procession of Norman soldiers escort a group of prisoners through the depths of the forest, they are ambushed by a band of bloodthirsty thugs. The Normans routed and shown no mercy, a captive minstrel manages to trade his life for a song. Composed on the spot, he promises his attackers immortality through the ages. But sometimes legends are born by accident, and history can play a game of Chinese whispers with the truth.

Shot over one weekend in Langley Park Forest – The Legend of Bob Leonard is the latest short film produced by Samantha Grieves with writer/director Will Kenning and DOP James Kar.

Excited to announce that it is currently beginning its journey on the festival circuit so check it out if you can! Visit bobleonardfilm.com for more info.

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Molton Brown: Into The Uncharted

After a successful Mother’s Day launch earlier this year here are some of the films from the new Molton Brown Collection for Father’s Day 2017 DOP’d by James Kar.

Showcasing Master Perfumer at Fragrances Essentielles, Carla Chabert explores the meaning of uncharted; capturing the essence of the sea with a salt-sprayed infusion in Molton Brown’s NEW Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Collection. #IntoTheUncharted

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Molton Brown: The Patisserie Parlour

Late last year James Kar DOP’d for Molton Brown’s new Limited Edition Collection for Mother’s Day 2017.
Revealing the ingredients behind the new Collection – Delicious Rhubarb & Rose, Comice Pear & Wild Honey and Exquisite Vanilla & Violet Flower – all featuring a hand wash, hand lotions, scented candles and more… how could you resist? #SweetenTheSenses

To see more: check out the portfolio

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Interview: Es Devlin

Earlier this year we met and filmed an interview with Es Devlin on behalf of MediaStorm. The recipient of this year’s WSJ. Magazine 2016 Innovators Award in the field of Design, she is largely considered the most pre-eminent stage designer in the world.
Having worked with some of the greatest artists of our time, including Adele, Beyoncé and Kanye West, Devlin uses design to create “gestures” on stage that evoke the spirit of her clients.

A truly deep commitment to her craft, you can easily see why Devlin deserved the 2016 Innovators Award. She gave us an inspirational insight into her thoughts and processes and we were really fascinated by how her designs transpire through the different pieces that she creates.
Her sense of responsibility to her audience with what she is creating is something that really resonated with us here at JKP and it was a real pleasure to be able to meet and film her interview earlier this year.

Highlighting both her impact in design and the brilliance of creating what are essentially memories check out her interview below:

Es Devlin has spent 20 years investigating some of the most important stagecraft of the last two decades. From Wagner to Beyonce, Devlin has created stage design that expands upon the core ideas of each performance regardless of genre.
Read more about her in WSJ Magazine’s article: Es Devlin’s Otherworldly Stage Sets

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JKWF: Selina & Nick's Trailer

Our beautiful wedding couple Selina and Nick chose to celebrate their day more as a festival than a traditional wedding. With every detail carefully planned, they had everything from marshmallows to tattoos, from giant photo booth to outdoor cinema! It was a truly wonderful day and an honour to capture their special day, so we are very excited to present the trailer for their wedding! Selina and Nick you are both wonderful people and we wish you every happiness for the future. Congratulations!

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Cravendale: Kids Pub

They say never work with kids, but after spending two days filming with 12 kids aged between 8 and 12, they proved they can be a very professional bunch, for this we used the best equipment and furniture for kids, and you can view the brands page for more information about this. Here’s the full version of a recent commercial we shot for Cravendale featuring some very grown up kids in a Cravendale pub. Ahhh, it’s a hard life 😉
‪#‎MilkDrinkersMilk‬ Filtered for a fuller fresher taste!

To see more: check out the portfolio

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Clarins: Great Skin Gift

Clarins Great Skin Gift - KAR

Launching today exclusively at Debenhams, the new Clarins Great Skin Gift promotion is rolling out across the country. Here’s a fun little video we made for them: video

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Tesco finest* Chocolate Reveal Dessert

Christmas is just over five months away, and as you can imagine Tesco have been working on their Christmas range since the start of the year. Here we have their all new super chocolatey chocolate reveal dessert for their new Tesco finest* Christmas range.
100% guaranteed to fix any chocolate lovers cravings there’s also a few hidden surprises to make the experience even more magical.
Check it out, our yummiest product shoot yet!
‪#‎ChristmasInJuly‬ ‪#‎TescoCiJ‬

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