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Last week we filmed a series of comedy sketches for IRIS, UK’s market leading provider of business critical software and services to the UK accountancy and payroll sectors. The aim was to promote one of their newest products: KashFlow – a simple and effective online accounting software designed specifically for small businesses.

Whilst managing your accounts is a nightmare for most small businesses, this software really does seem to make it “a piece of cake” and Director Matt Snyman had the task of making a series that was both funny and informative.
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Filming took two days, in three locations. It was jam packed and cupcake fuelled, but by the end of the two days we got it all covered and were more than ready for a good night’s sleep. Now it’s just down to the editing of the final product.. seven episodes to be released over a number of weeks called It’s a Piece Of Cake.

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Director: Matt Snyman
Director of Photography: James Kar
Client/Producer: Creative Grid, Ralph Cochrane