Often shooting tethered I find myself tripping over cables and balancing my laptop in awkward places. Savage, a company based in the US who are more known for making seamless backdrops than tethering tables, have recently released the Air Flow Tech Table.

Its a modular design which allows you to add various components to the main table. The kit I received came with support for a mouse mat, cable hook, camera mount and lens/cup holder. I tether up to a 13″ Macbook Pro which sits comfortably on the unit with a good amount of space around it for accessories. Its a very practical design which allows for further customisation. Using cables ties through the ventilation holes I have since added a 4 gang extension cable underneath the table. This means I can have the laptop plugged in along with battery chargers and have only one cable coming from the table.

My only criticism is that it does wobble when using the mouse mat. Nothing major but the table does lean to whichever side you have it on. It doesn’t prevent it from working you just get used to not applying too much pressure when using it.

All in all a great piece of kit to have in the studio or on location.