After a manic weekend with no sleep and a lot of coffee we have shot the bulk of what will be the short film “Hood”.

Below is the films synopsis:

“In a London where the economy is dwindling and the young take on the burden of the older generations mistakes. A new form of political war between the older and younger generations has begun in the form of riots, kidnappings and murder. Crime is on the rise and with the reduction of law enforcement on the streets the young are called to action to maintain and restore peace. “

Shot entirely on location and for the most part at night. With no room in the budget for a generator we lit the film solely with battery powered Litepannels. In our kit we had two 1×1 Bi Colour Litepannels and four Mirco Litepannels. Shot on a HD DSLR, a Canon 5Dmrk2 of course, which was perfect for the low light conditions. At night we used both the Canon 50mm 1.2L and Canon 24mm 1.4L. During the day we shot with the Canon 24-105mm 4L with IS perfect for those walking handheld shots.

We still have a few short scenes to film before it is handed over to the editor but for now here are a few stills and screen grabs.