How Far Can You Crop A 5Dmrk2 Image?

Last year I shot the art work for FIN’s debut album. Fin mentioned that they were going to crop into the image but I was taken back when I saw the final image. I though he wasn’t being serious, but I was wrong. Have a look for yourself…

Original Image


Final Album Cover


Shot on the Canon 5D mrk 2 the image holds it quality even when heavily cropped. I used the 24mm 1.4 mrk 1 lens. The 24mm mrk 2 is a much stronger lens but I couldn’t get ahold of one in time for the shoot. Still pretty impressed with the quality.

FIN’s album is out to download on iTunes

Below are some of my favourite photos from the shoot.

fin-2 fin-3fin-4fin-5fin-6