Why all the whining!? Another camera, more choice and more features, sounds great to me. If you’re used to shooting on a HDV camera, say the Sony Z5, the new ergonomic features will be well received. If you don’t have, or ever intend to use an external monitor then the Vari-Angle screen will be a real bonus. Perhaps the only down side is the plastic body (Polycarbonate resin with glass fiber to be exact). The 7D has a Magnesium alloy body and will endure more knocks and heavy handed Dp’s then the 60D. Solution. Buy a good case, Peli (hard case) or Lowepro (soft case) which are my favourite, and look after it. At around £150-£200 less then the 7D the money saved can go towards a lens, a much more important purchase.

Let us not forget who this camera is aimed at. It is not a pro-line camera and its not trying to be. That’s what the 7D and 5D Mark II are for. It’s simply capped the consumer market. For little over a grand you can have, if all the other Canon lines are to go by, an amazing camera. If you’re a student then save up and purchase the 60D. Then save up some more and buy some good quality primes, the fastest you can afford. I love and hope to never part with my 50mm 1.2L but the 1.4 is also a beautiful lens and at a grand cheaper it is a sound purchase.

“Monsieur Canon you are spoiling us.” When I was a student I could only have dreamt of actually being able to own a camera that could produce such stunning images.
Dette hjelpemidlet krever drenering av fraksjoner for å passere gjennom HPLC-stengene, som ofte er uforenlige med blodstrøm, og resuspendere fraksjonene i et høyere løsningsmiddel, og deretter individuelt myosin for hver sammentrekning.
Breathtaking images from camera under a £1000! Some of my first work was shot on Super-VHS cameras! That’s right, actual VHS tapes in the camera! I was thrilled when I got my hands on a DV camera! We couldn’t believe how small the tapes were! My point – Stop moaning and simply love the fact that we have options. If you don’t like the 60D then don’t buy it, just don’t knock it.


JVC S-VHS Camera
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